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I’ve had many years of commercial experience in communications and marketing to solve business problems – that’s my thing. I’m analytical, detail-oriented and a deep-diver into the mechanics of a problem.

I’ve managed and set up business management systems in large-scale companies to small companies. I love figuring out efficiencies and systems to save time, effort and ultimately money.

I get excited solving those pesky problems that…

  • get you more time back in your calendar
  • help you get things done better and faster
  • make processes smoother so employees and clients are happier
  • modernise business ops to meet future challenges

…and that ultimately so you feel your productivity skyrocket! Get to know me better in the section below. 

Who is Sail?

Hello, good to meet you

I’m originally from Leicester – and yeah that’s where “I’m really from” 😉 – but I moved to Cambridge to live with extended family in the 90s – that was only 10 years ago, right? It was a great time to be alive. I was in a beautiful city, with super-friendly people and a booming culture because of the University.

I spent many an evening hanging out with friends from work at the Anchor, watching showy punters fall into the river trying to impress their beau!

And in the winter months, we were ALWAYS in the Wrestlers, enjoying the tastiest Thai food I’ve ever had and the best times laughing and being silly with mates.


The Anchor Pub, Cambridge. Image c/o https://www.flickr.com/photos/jsarcadia/
A big stack of magazines (Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash)

Ever since my first job at a family newsagent on Victoria Avenue in Cambridge, problem-solving has been my thing.

It comes from my mum. She’s a ‘sorter-outer’, always making sure things are done the right way and efficiently. My dad was always the helper, supporter and all round smiley guy who just wants to help you and often with some weird but effective innovation.

I worked in the newsagent for a short while. I know, an Indian lad working at a newsagent… what was I thinking? Everything was disorganised, magazines were all over the shop. Literally. The kids ones were scattered across the adult height-level and the special interest magazines were everywhere, from toddler height-level, to the top shelf. Well, okay SOME of them belonged on the top shelf. Ahem.

It’s always been done like that”, I was told by my aunt and uncle. It was so obvious to me what needed to be improved. I took down all the magazines and categorised them into ‘interest’ and ‘age’ groups, before putting them all back in sensible orders. I remember how satisfying it was to see it all looking right. So was customers remarking how much better the displays looked, along with the increase in sales!

Nowadays, I’m in Ely – which is like a mini-Cambridge – a lively city with lovely walks and places to eat and drink. I have lived here with my amazing partner Matt and our gorgeous cat Moko, since 2011. Sadly, we lost Moko in October 2023, weeks before her 18th birthday.  

I love keeping fit – mentally and physically – by doing yoga and pilates, going to the gym, meditating, walking, swimming, playing badminton and cooking loads of good, healthy food. And some bad stuff too, of course. I’m a big personal development geek so love learning, making occasional mistakes and then doing better next time!

Moko The Great


Self employment

2011-present Workspace systems consultant, Personal development consultant and Contract and project manager

Jul 2022-May 2023 Communications and Project Manager, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

Aug 2017-Oct 2020 Communications Manager, Springer Nature

Jan 2019-Mar 2019 Marketing Communications Manager, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Oct 2018-Feb 2019 Website Support Manager, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

Oct 2017-Mar 2018 Project Manager, Downing College, University of Cambridge

Aug 2017-Present Communications Manager, Springer Nature

Oct 2016-Jun 2017 Communications Manager, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

Mar 2013-Oct 2013 Account Manager, Flag Communication

Jan 2012-Sep 2014 Marketing Projects Manager, Cambridge University Press Marketing



1994-2011 Marketing, communications, projects and operations

Sep 2008-Sep 2011 Communications Specialist, CSR plc

Jan 2005-Sep 2008 Projects & Resources Manager at Cambridge Assessment, University of Cambridge

Aug 2001-Nov 2004 Senior Marketing Executive, Unipalm

Aug 1998-Jul 2001 Marketing Executive, CDT Limited

Dec 1994–Jul 1998 Import/Export Administrator, Cambridge Consultants Limited

Have a look at my detailed CV for more info.

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