Crippled by perfection… and fear of failure?

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How’s your lockdown been (so far)? Were you inspired to take up that online course you’ve been meaning to, or did you knit a lovely scarf just in time for the summer?

😃 Maybe you baked banana bread for the first (and last) time in your life? I know I’ve done at least one of those things and felt quite smug with myself. For a while.

But then you have get back to reality, right? And if you’re in position to do it, do some awesome pushing-your-business-and-brand-forward kind of work.

Then what happens? Well, for me, I PLAN THE SHIT out of my business and ALL the next steps I need to take. And oh… my… God, there are a mammoth number of steps.

My two main projects (read: issues) have been to get my personal and business branding sorted and my website updated with new content – which obviously both go hand in hand.

But I feel crippled, trying to get everything perfect and just right.

I know nothing ever is… will be… or has ever been perfect. Except for Fleabag.

I have read all the articles about doing ‘good enough’. I understand it all and it all makes sense.

So by writing this and saying it out loud and I hope that it sticks.

And I learn that getting the website copy to 80% there is good enough. Figuring out my actual brand – who I am, why I’m doing this, what I stand for, who I serve – is also perfectly good enough right now.

It’s not like I can’t change any of this stuff later as it’s all online.

“But what if I get cancelled?”

Ladies, gentlemen and non-binaries… we have a winner.

My inability to get past perfection comes down to fear of failure. There’ll be typos everywhere, something I didn’t remember right, I might sound stupid, arrogant or not come across remotely funny or professional.

When I write my reasons (read: excuses) out like that, it does give me some real step-back-from-myself perspective. I’m a big advocate of writing stuff down to get it out of your head – thanks GTD David Allen. I’m doing it more often with personal/mindset issues as well as tasks. It works because it makes them more real (otherwise: denial).

Now it’s easier to line them all up and debunk them, one-by-one. At the least, I’ll try and understand where each insecurity comes from and deal with those individually.

So lessons I have taught myself are…

  • good enough is good enough
  • you can change things in the future
  • mistakes happen and you always learn something from them
  • write stuff down and stop MSU (making shit up) about yourself!

Has anyone else been where I am (soon to be was)?

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