Do you get dressed for work if you’re a home worker?

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Why even bother, you ask. I would definitely recommend it, rather than slippers and PJs.

It may be psychological, but it helps get your mindset in the right place for productivity and getting things done in a professional manner. Probably.

I’m a jeans wearer too, or shorts in the summer time. Maybe the joggers will come out in autumn/fall but probably not as it makes me feel too relaxed.

I also have house trainers that I wear daily, which also puts me in work mode, rather than weekend mode. Bare feet or socks is just weird for me, I’m not a software engineer.

If I don’t prepare my wardrobe for work mentality, I’ll have that Netflix and Chill-ready look on my next Zoom call.

Nobody wants to see that.

Especially with lasagne and cake stains on my top.

But hey, you have to do what works for you and helps you get your shit done.

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