Do you have a morning ritual before you start work?

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A good routine is the best start to the day and the benefits are immediate, especially in this current climate (April 2020).

I see the start of the day as MY TIME. Time to look after my mind and body, before the demands of everything and everyone in the world around us. So no socials, no emails and no mindless browsing.

My day starts around 630am:

  • I feed my needy cat, Moko
  • 20 mins – bodyweight exercises and/or yoga workout
  • 30 mins – shower and breakfast
  • 15 mins – meditation
  • 15 mins – read yesterday’s gratitudes and my vision, and write 3x goals for the day.

That last one is THE BEST START TO THE DAY and gets me motivated and ready for action.

When you repeat this over and over, you’re giving yourself a solid platform on which to have a productive day. Recently, I didn’t do this and my motivation was almost non-existent and I had a rubbish week. I’ve had a better one this week!

Which habits do you start your day with?

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