Do you love being organising and planning stuff?

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Yeah, it’s an odd thing to confess to, “I love being organised, me,” but I’ve never written down why to understand why I love it.

Yes, it’s also odd is thinking about writing it down, but bear with me!

I often ask myself WHY AM I LIKE THIS?

It’s probably because I’m always thinking about the future. And how I or someone else might like to come back to whatever the thing is and it being in the right/good/decent state to continue doing whatever.

“What are you on about, Sail?”

This all sounds abstract, so let me present an example to you: this is my dishwasher cutlery drawer and how I would organise it (working from the outside inwards). When it’s done, it’s easier to grab each set and chuck them in the drawer.

This is how my partner would have it “organised” if I was dead.

Do you see what I mean about doing something well first, so it’s smoother and frictionless later? It reminds of this Tao Te Ching quote:

Prevent trouble before it arises. Put things in order before they exist.

I don’t like stopping and starting, I want to keep going. For me, being organised is about putting systems in place and forgetting about them once they’re done. That makes whatever the thing is much easier at a later date, rather than having to sort it out again and again, and interrupt my really, really good flow.

Do you get me?

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