Easy-to-implement tips to get tasks done!

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Here are four tips to help you get things done.

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  1. Collect your tasks in a physical and digital inbox…

Inspired by David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD), collecting tasks in one place gets them out of your head (very important, this) and into a trusted system you reference and action daily. The inbox could be a notepad next to the bed, notes app on your phone or the inbox in your ‘to do’ app. This helps to make sure it’s not swimming around in your head, over and over and over again.

  1. Add time estimates to tasks

This will help you understand how long you need to complete what you have to get done. Then maybe schedule it into your calendar. too. It will also highlight when tasks aren’t really tasks, i.e. launch website – which is clearly a big project and will need to be broken down into a number of tasks (each with time estimates!) Adding tasks that take at least 30 minutes into your calendar make them an appointment you should keep.

  1. Have your next actions READY

(Gladiators… READY?) Again, based on GTD, Next Actions are the next to dos you can complete to make progress on your project. When you begin your project or you’re struggling to start, list down every single task you can think that needs to be done. Put them in order and then progress through your Next Actions list. This method will also help you identify any bottlenecks at the start of a project too.

  1. Review tasks once a week

See this as a sanity check to ensure everything is correct and in working order. You can change things if not. Doing this regularly with tasks and projects is essential so you can see visible progress and where issues might lie.

Which GTD tips do you use to get things off your plate?

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