How can you make sure you get more of your tasks done?

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A really good way of starting the whole process is to name the task correctly.

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“What do you mean, Sail?”

Well, when you write it down on a pad or in your favourite task manager, start it with a verb. For example:

  • write blog post
  • read the article
  • post an article
  • walk to the shops

Adding a verb takes the mystery out of what you actually have to do. It makes the task a solid action, rather than a vague not-sure-what-to-do-next statement. Try and avoid using ‘Contact’ at the beginning of a task though, as it can be too vague. Be more specific with: call, email, message, FaceTime, Zoom, Whatsapp, etc.

Go one step further than just using a verb and expand on the ‘what’ and you’ll be even more clearer on what needs to get done.

  • write blog post about email hacks
  • read the article about Notion Mastery
  • post an article on the website about adding verbs to task names 🤔
  • walk to the shop to get some self raising flour (if you can find it) to make CAKE
  • Google where my nearest mill is.

Hope this is useful to you. What tips and tricks do you use to get things done?

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