How to Save Time Posting on Social Media

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Who doesn’t want to know how to save time posting on social media? Time is precious and we can always do with more.

So you have registered all of your social networks for your business and have figured out what you want to say. Which is great news in itself. But you might be wondering how you are going to fit in posting to all of your relevant networks every day and multiple times a day?
Thankfully, there are useful and effective tools out there that can help. Not least of all, Buffer – a favourite of mine and many other social media managers. Buffer helps you schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and recently Pinterest (May 2015). This means that you can set up posts that are published at various times throughout the day and the week. This is great as you no longer have to sit at your desk, at your computer, on your phone or tablet throughout every single day to do this.

Buffer-logoAll you need is 15 minutes in the morning to schedule your posting content for that day. If you’re stuck on what to say, Buffer also helps you find content using its Suggestions feature, but you can add your own into Feeds too, so you always have a ready-made list of interesting articles to share with your followers.

It’s simple to use and even features some basic analytics information on how well your posts perform on the interwebs.

If you want some more information or advice on Buffer, get in touch for a chat or tweet me @asinboat.



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