“If you don’t ask, you don’t get”

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When I was child and out with my dad on a Saturday afternoon, he would haggle in all the shops we went to. Maybe it’s an Indian thing (it is), but he did it all the time with success.

He said, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. No harm done. I learned this early on and saved myself a lot of money over the years just by asking. No harm done.

So, I am asking again – not for your best Black Friday offer – but for help in seeking a short-term or part-time comms/marketing contract.

You might be…
• working in a start-up that needs a comms, project or digital infrastructure
• losing your comms or manager and need someone to take up the slack
• expanding your technical, product or marketing team and need a project manager
• looking for new ideas or a fresh approach to help your customers.

You might want a marketing all-rounder than can…
• project manage a new (or restructure) a website
• manage a company report or brochure from start to finish
• produce, manage and maintain your digital comms
• loves technology and setting up processes for optimum productivity
• be an integral part of our team and is open and friendly.


Get in touch if that’s you. If not, then I am asking if you would kindly share and this page please.

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