Not being around people makes me unhinged. I think.

From last October to March this year, I had back-to-back communications contracts which kept me very busy in two clients' offices for four days a week.

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Me, going doolally in my office, looking for a photo for this post before settling on this one

From last October to March this year, I had back-to-back communications contracts which kept me very busy in two clients’ offices for four days a week.

Working in a team with fun and focused people really feeds my mental wellbeing, particularly when I usually work from home. I thrive in learning from others, having a chat and giggle, and then getting focused on the project in hand. After years of being a contractor, I’ve learned I love working in a client’s office.

Being around people is like getting a dopamine hit.

Since April, I have been in my office at home working remotely for a client and it’s not the same as being in an office of people. No shit, Sherlock. And funnily enough (as in strange, not haha), it’s made me procrastinate.

Not your usual TV, social media, crisps, cake, fridge, tea and coffee (okay, maybe one or two of those), but things like moving my desk around, setting up my working area just so, digging out the air diffuser from the loft (??) and sorting out my many notebooks and pads. I love notebooks and stationery. Houston, we may have a problem. 

When I haven’t spoken to another human being* during the entire working day or worse, for a number of days, I go into manic and infinite planning mode. I am a productivity geek so this is easy and fun for me. Learning and seeking out new/better ways of getting things done really floats my boat, which I think comes from my first job in an engineering company. I was given the freedom to make improvements right from the offset, which was brilliant.

So, not being around people regularly makes me plan to death, design, tweak and implement processes (I am so much fun to be around), so I can be more efficient when I do tackle all my business development tasks that are mounting up. (How are the website updates coming along Sail, mmm?)

Until that is, I remember to focus on my goals. Then it all comes together again because high to low level, top-down approach. But I really miss being around people.

So my plan is to talk to colleagues and friends on Skype and Zoom every week so I get my fix of interaction and inspiration from what they’re doing. Happy days!

*my cat Moko talks to me, but she’s a really bad listener.

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