Sharing an online social calendar is amazing

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Did you know sharing an online social calendar can you save you time, hassle and embarrassment?

Google calendar example

I have shared a Google calendar with my partner for many years. It’s called ‘House and Social’ and we add loads of useful stuff in there we need to do or remember on particular days:

  • social gatherings including dinners, birthday parties, cinema trips, poker nights, family get togethers and work events (YES, WE WILL DO ALL THESE AGAIN SOON)
  • stuff we have to do around and to the house, like decorating rooms, receiving deliveries, pruning trees (garden), selling stuff, collections, etc.
  • appointments, such as GPs, physio, dentist, vets, builders, utility companies, etc.
  • other events like flight times, hotel bookings (remember these?), elderly and young children’s birthdays (where Facebook can’t grab their DOB), significant family dates, etc.

The benefits are huge, but the BIGGEST are…

  • we know what’s happening on particular dates
  • no double booking or forgetting to turn up somewhere
  • we have an up-to-date version our phones
  • we can add and remove events wherever we are

Are you sharing a digital calendar in your family or do you have one hanging in kitchen? Or both?

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