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Let the music move you

I think it’s useful you get to know the man behind the company, so occasionally I will write a post to talk about something that’s important to me. I hope you stick around and find it interesting enough!

Unless you know me, you won’t know that music is one of my biggest passions. I have been addicted to the way music transports you to another time, place or feeling. I have loved its effect for the longest time, 30 years to be precise. Gulp.


5 Ways to Make Your Blog More Readable and Sharable

News, news, news, read all about it! Online or in a newspaper? Let’s read that broadsheet with the black ink on your fingers and yesterday’s news. Imagine if you had a newspaper delivered every time there was new news to report?!

A few shortcomings aside, newspapers are easy to read because the layout works well for the travelling eye – columns of text with images or photos are familiar to the reader. Doing the same online can be trickier, but there are some formatting rules you can employ to make your blog posts easier to read.


7 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter for Your Business

Twitter has been around for a full nine years – 21 March 2006 and has grown in popularity for many years since. Although the business’s social media market share places it in fifth (after Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram), it’s still used by millions of people daily. Those who have been tweeting for a while know that the days of, “I’m eating soup. It’s great” updates are still as commonplace as ever. How I love to see someone’s dinner and where they ate it :). However, there are a lot of interesting posts and good-quality sharers out there who can tell you what’s going on in the world, where your favourite band are playing, when the next series of American Horror Story will be filmed and that kind of thing.

What I have learned from a year of networking

Well, the main thing is that you do need to approach it with the right attitude! Don’t expect people to buy from you straightaway, particularly if you go in with a “sell, sell, sell” approach. It’s like going to Las Vegas and expecting to win BIG. It’s not going to happen on your first visit (probably). And it’s easy to go into ‘screensaver mode’ when you’re persistently faced with #BuyMyStuff “conversations”. No, thank you 🙂

3 Reasons Why Drinking Water From a Straw Cup Increases Your Productivity

You know those stories you hear about how drinking two litres of water every day makes you healthy. Really? Where are you supposed to put all that water? And drinking from a glass, next your valuable computer which you use for work? No thank you, I’d rather not.

Of course bottled water is great if you can afford to spend around a pound every day, but I often forget it’s there and by lunchtime realise I have only taken one sip from the bottle (and screwed the cap back on, of course).

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