This 5-Step Productivity and Health Hack Could Save Your Life

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There is a little-known and useful health feature on iPhone iOS 8. If you happen to be in an accident and are unable to contact anyone, your phone can be used to access your medical history and reach your loved one quickly. This 5-step productivity and health hack could save your life.

Here’s how…

1. Find your Health app on your phone. I search for apps by swiping down anywhere on the home screen. Search for ‘health’.





























2. Open the Health app and tap ‘Medical ID’ in the bottom right.





























3. Tap ‘Edit’ top right to update your details, ensuring you add any relevant information including any medication you’re taking and allergies. Be sure to select ‘Show When Locked’ when you’re done.





























4. To see if your phone is displaying the correct information, first ensure your phone is locked.  Then ‘slide to unlock’ and tap ‘Emergency’ in the bottom left.





























5. Then tap ‘Medical ID’ bottom left to bring up your details. Even in locked mode, if you are not able to use/get to your iPhone, anyone nearby can access your medical information, call the emergency services and get in touch with your emergency contact.





























Please share this with all your iPhone-using friends and ensure they have the best chance to have another productive day!

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