Two Things You Need to Write a Blog Post Every Week

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Yes, just two things are all you need to write a blog post every week.


Sometimes you will be inspired by events that have happened recently and have awoken you or made you think differently. Other times you might contrive a post to share a tidbit of information when you are short of time (guess which one this is, Readers?).

Your blog doesn’t have to talk about your business the entire time. In fact, if you really want readers to engage with you, you might want to write about your passions every now and then. Show them they are dealing with a real human being or team of beings, ones that have interests in addition to the work they do on weekdays.

I have talked about music and productivity which both push my buttons. The first, because I have grown up with all my life and it makes me feel happy inside and out, and second because I like to help me and other people get more time back to do the things they want to do. Simple.

In the last 10 minutes of writing, I have begun four potential new post ideas in Evernote. One or two may work, one or two may be nonsense and not. Still, you will be surprised at how quickly things pop in your head and what you can ramble on about for a while that makes it entertaining and/or informative for others.

(Or so he says)


So you have some material, flimsy as it may be (don’t worry about that), you now need the impetus to get on and write that blog post that is going to get read and shared by all of your followers and friends. If you need tips on how to do that, have a look here.

So how are you going to get motivated and get your blog posts written today and every week? If you’re struggling with how to get started, take a look here for some tips.

What has worked for me for the last 13 weeks is a simple bet with a colleague! The loser – whoever does not write and publish their post by the close of play on Monday – pays for breakfast at the next networking meeting. In reality though, having to pay the £12 for my mate Craig’s breakfast isn’t a big deal, it’s more of a matter of pride. Neither of us wants to lose, but nor do we want to disappoint and renege on our promise. To do this for six weeks. That worked, and now we don’t have a ‘closing date’. We both get our posts written and published, even on Bank Holidays and when we’re on holidays too.

Try this out with a friend and let me know how you get on.

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