What makes me the most productive?

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What makes me the most productive? Great question! And although this is can be something ongoing and ever-changing, here’s what currently gets me in the mood to get down to some serious work!

The environment is the thing. 

For me, my office has to be in the right shape I can be the most productive on a particular day. The list of ‘things as they should be’ looks a little something like this:

  1. Tidy desks x 2 – I have a couple of desks, one with my iMac and second screen and the other with my laptop, cutting mat, “papers” and landline phone. Both of these have to be clean and tidy, no clutter allowed!
  2. Office light on – Recently I have had the office light on so I can almost pretend I am in a corporate workplace, rather than just the desk lamp.
  3. Chair correct height – This one is obvious. I hope.
  4. Applications on my iMac when I am working:
    1. Self Control On and Activated – this brilliant bit of software tracks and blocks applications and webpages when you need to concentrate.
    2. Do Not Disturb on – a setting that quiets emails and notifications so they no longer provide a distraction. Oh look, a kitten.
    3. Any Pomodoro app – Double this up with Self Control and you can log all your Pomodoros into your calendar too so you know how long you have worked on everything. Provides a real sense of achievement!
  5. iPhone notifications off – This is sometimes necessary if any writing work needs to be done. Again, you can enable Do Not Disturb on your phone, but remember to turn it off when you have finished working!
  6. Listening to music that makes me most productive
    1. Limitless soundtrack – sublime for getting in the zone. Nothing comes close to this. Highly, highly recommended. As is the film.
    2. Spotify playlists for Focus and Deep Focus – I have tried these out recently and they are a welcome alternative to Limitless.
    3. Chill out radio – Also great as there’s no lyrics (THERE’S NO LYRICS. AHEM), only soothing sounds that help me concentrate.

Well that’s my list for now, what’s on yours?

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