How to manage interesting content you find on the web

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Do contacts on LinkedIn (or any other forum) always ask you questions to provoke interest in an attempt to help you improve yourself and your business?

Like this one? 🙂

LinkedIn has been amazing for me since lockdown. I have loved getting to know people, hearing about their work, skills and the knowledge they’re willing to share with others. As well as the real personalities behind the business people.

All these talented people have given me so many great ideas and value including practical things you I can implement into my own work.

But it can sometimes get overwhelming with so much information to read, gather up, apply and file away for later.

How do you manage these ideas, content, tasks and projects for yourself?

I use Notion – a knowledge management system – to clip ideas into and use later. If you use it for nothing else, it’s an amazing web clipper, where you can capture content from any webpage and add it to your trusted system. It’s easy to do this on Chrome and on mobile apps.

In my Notion system, I have an Inbox where my clipped notes go into to process, either daily or weekly, depending on the content and urgency.

When I have actioned them, they are moved to the All Notes section and given a category, which allows me to view them all in one place from quick links on the side.

It’s a super flexible system and great for productivity! Let me know you want any assistance in using it or to help you build your own system.

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