Thought about doing yoga to increase your strength, mobility and relieve back problems?

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Over the years, I have suffered frequently with lower back pain and not feeling as flexible as I used to be. I didn’t like it because it made me feel grumpy and old, and it wasn’t great for productivity, sitting all day in a chair and not moving much. I looked into yoga classes at my local college and enjoyed doing a course for six weeks. I started feeling the benefits straightaway. Until the next school term, when they stopped doing them when the college couldn’t find an instructor. I know, right?

So being a productivity geek who loves using his phone to make life easier, I tried a number of yoga apps. Like a lot. After much testing, I found Yogaia. 

It’s like having an instructor in your living room. There are live classes you can join where you and the teacher can see each other on the screen, but you don’t see other students, and there are recordings of many classes, varying in length, ability and focus. There are meditation sessions and yoga lectures too. Yogaia works on phones, tablets and computer browsers. It’s really good. 

Since using the app, I have been on the mat consistently for nearly three years – 15-45 minutes of yoga on five to seven days a week. It’s really helped my mobility and flexibility, but I still need to do some work on my hamstrings and hips!

There’s a free trial for 21 days, have a go at one of the recordings to start with and let me know what you think. I know, I should be on commission.

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